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Scar Cream

Scar Cream

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Our cream contains ingredients that will enhance your skin and help your scar feel better. Key ingredients include Jojoba seed oil, Vitamin E and Retinyl Palmitate that help boost collagen production, and all enhance skins restorative properties and skin soothing benefits.

Our cream has been created alongside a pharmacist to include all the ingredients to help keep moisture within your scar. It has an aqueous base to help reduce the appearance, redness and any itchiness within your scar and its tissues. 

Our cream can work on many types of scars (including new scars, old scars, keloid scars, cosmetic scars, C-section scars and any other scars from general surgery or any accidents).

We recommend using our cream with your Scar Wand as it is a great consistency that works well with the gliding motion of The Scar Wand. This cream is best used twice a day.

Great News... You can even use our Scar Cream on stretch marks and acne scars- although we ask you not to use The Scar Wand on these.

We are proud that our cream is made in the UK.

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