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The Scar Wand

Runners Pre/Re-hab Package

Runners Pre/Re-hab Package

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Whether you have done multiple ultra runs, one marathon, regular Park Runs or are completing your first couch-to-5km this kit is for you!

When you get in from a run, do you flick your trainers off, perform some half-hearted hamstring and calf stretches as that's what you feel like you should do?

Still get home, flick your shoes off but once you have had your shower (do stretch those hamstrings and calfs in the shower) sitting on the sofa or the floor iron your plantar fascia (soles of your feet) and your achilles tendons with The Scar Wand, use the flossy band to floss your feet, ankles and knees. If you have any sore points in the calf (particularly the lower aspect around underneath the achilles tendon) you can use the peanut or massage ball to inhibit (hold) the sore point with very small movements over them. Lastly using your hands mobilise (wiggle) you big toe- by this take hold of your big toe and add a tiny bit of traction and then move it forward and backward.

This pack contains: 1 x Scar Wand (and sample cream), 1 x Flossy Band, 1 x Peanut, 1 x Massage Ball, 1 x Resistance Band

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