Scars for 30 years


"I had a scar on my shoulder for nearly 30 years now due to osteomyelitis and an operation. Initially, I used it for about six weeks every day, and it was difficult to get into the habit at first. However, I could see progress, so I continued using it daily. The scar used to be quite pink, but the coloring has gone down significantly. The skin was slightly indented and sticking to the bone, but now it has been raised, and it looks a lot better. Using it has made me much more comfortable, and it feels more natural now. Absolutely, it has made a noticeable difference."


Knee ACL reconstruction


"After using the wand for three weeks, I've noticed that my scar feels less grainy when I rub it. Previously, it felt like it was getting stuck against things, but now it's smoother. Additionally, one of my scars at the insertion point lies flatter against the skin compared to before when it was raised.

Since my scar is still new and small, I wasn't worried about touching it before, so that aspect hasn't changed. Given that I'm still in the recovery phase and have been using the wand for a short period, it's challenging to determine the exact impact it has had. However, I do feel that there are fewer adhesions under the skin, which should improve my mobility and aid in the healing process."




"I've had my scar for about 40 years. I fell off a horse and dislocated my elbow, which required an operation. I used the wand with the cream for about six weeks. It worked well, and I think you become more accustomed to it and gain confidence as you continue using it. Overall, it was a positive experience. I noticed a significant change in the tissue under the skin. It became much looser and more mobile. The scar feels less tight and raised up, making it easier to touch. Now, I feel more confident about touching it. There's also been a noticeable improvement in the movement of my elbow."


C-Section SCARS


"I had a C-section three and a half years ago. I used the scar wand every week for six weeks.

However, I noticed an instant difference even after the first use, which motivated me to continue. The scar appeared flatter right away, and the redness started to fade. Over time, it began to resemble a normal scar more than it did before.

Moreover, the scar feels more flexible and less tight. I don't feel it when I'm exercising or doing any activities like I used to. Before, it was slightly tight, but now it has become looser.


Road Rash on forearm 7 years ago


"I've been using the scarwand every day. The skin/scar on my arm is amazing. I usually hate my arm in the winter, the skin/scar on my arm is horrible, I never have my arms out but I've not had to think about it over the last couple of months."

C-Section 3 years ago


"I wanted to use the scar wand to try and gain a flatter stomach after having a C-Section, as due to the stitching, I had a raised part of my tummy that no amount of losing weight would change. I was impressed with the results after just a couple of weeks of using the scar wand each night before going to bed. Not only did the scar wand help flatten the scar tissue area, there was some emotional healing from engaging with the scar area, which had been through so much trauma. I started to feel more engaged with the scar and psychologically integrated it as part of my body."

Childhood Accident 23 years ago


"I honestly couldn't believe the change in my scar with just 1 use of the scar wand! I have had my scar for around 23 years and my scar has always been noticeable. It gives me the creeps to touch my scar which is why i was so glad that I didn't actually have to touch my scar with my fingers due to the scar cream and wand doing all the work. With just the first attempt with the scar wand I noticed a huge difference to the appearance of my scar, I couldn't believe it!
For anyone who is sceptical how this wand could work, trust me, it does!"

Wrist Surgery 7 years ago


"This is a fabulous product, I have used the Scar Wand on an older surgical scar and it has improved the appearance, sensation, tightness and movement. I would highly recommend!"

Childhood motorbike accident 18 years ago


"Very easy and simple to use with fantastic outcome. My scar on my face in filling out nicely and is becoming less sensitive. Would Highly recommend."

This really made a big difference to extensive scarring


"I have extensive scarring from a scald which required numerous skin grafts from 15 months old to 18 years (I'm in my 40s now) and they tend to tighten and pull in different directions in turn causing aches and pains in my back, hips and legs. Its amazing how even the smallest scar can have an effect on the rest of the body. I've tried lots of different things over the years and have a scar massage as often as I can so was a probably bit sceptical when I came across the Scar wand team at the London Marathon Expo. After using the wand and cream once, the tightness on the scar lessened in that area so I was intrigued. I have since been using it regularly on all my burn scars and the difference is amazing. The scars are much more supple and flexible and don't pull in the same way as they did so my back and hips suffer less making me so much more comfortable.

Give it a go if you've got a scar big or small, you wont be disappointed!"