A little bit about The Scar Wand


The idea to create The Scar Wand started with my professional life as an osteopath treating patients whose scars from surgery were contributing to lack of free movement, back pain and restriction in joints above or below the incision point.

My patients have an assortment of scars from knee or shoulder surgery to Ceasarian section and replacement hips. The ages of the scars vary from 4 months to 40 years and treatment is effective regardless.

All of the patients whose scars I worked on were amazed at the improvement of tissue motility and function after just one session.

To perpetuate and nurture the improvement it would be better if treatment were to continue on a daily basis so, showing them how to use a blunt knife with the cutting edge covered with a tea towel and using a lotion to help glide over the scar, allowed them to maintain progress in their own homes.

Although effective I was sure it could be improved upon so the idea of developing a product specifically for scar treatment blossomed. I knew that I could create something effective and affordable to help the lives of people who live with the daily tugging and pulling and decreased range of movement that can be caused by the adhesion's of scar tissue.

On the personal front my husband John had suffered from Ulcerative Colitis for many years before having to undergo ileostomy surgery and had a stoma bag fitted. He was lucky enough to undergo reverse surgeries over the following 6 – 8 months but it left him with numerous abdominal scars. His wish to resume training in professional martial arts was hampered by gripping pain and tightness at the surgical scar sites.

I had my guinea pig!

After many months of research and trials with numerous prototypes together with testing of various creams the final result is


On the home front our daughter had major abdominal surgery at 8 months old and although barely visible, the scar is tight with a tough ridge and bumpy from the stitches. We have regularly worked with her scar to keep it stretched and moving. As she has grown (she is nearly 4 now) she asks to work on her own scar – under supervision.